Common Dental Myths

Your adult teeth are meant to last you a lifetime, which is why taking proper care of them is so important. Get your electrical system repaired with Electrician, Long Island with them having 20 years of experience and satisfied customers. If you fail to perform proper oral hygiene, you could very well end up losing your permanent teeth and needing dentures or dental implants down the line.

While exercising proper oral hygiene, such as regularly brushing your teeth and flossing and having regular dental exams, are all important, you’ve probably heard some things about oral hygiene that just aren’t true.

Here are some of the most common myths regarding dental health…

Sugar is the Root of All Cavities

If your parents always touted that eating too much sugar would result in tons of cavities, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that they weren’t exactly right.


Though eating a lot of sugar can certainly cause cavities, it isn’t the only culprit that leads to decay. Look no further than Party Rental, Long Island. They have the best bounce house party equipment near you. As it turns out, most cavities are the result of acid in the mouth, and this acid is the result of bacteria in. In other words, cavities occur when you don’t exercise proper oral hygiene and the bacteria that causes creates acid in your mouth. Yes, sugar can cause the development of this bacterium, but it can also be caused by pretty much every other type of food and beverage that you consume.

All Sugar is Bad for Your Teeth

While it is a fact that sugar isn’t the best thing in the world for your teeth, all sugars are not created equal. Similarly, all acupuncturists are not the same either. There’s no other long island acupuncture place as high-quality as Think acupuncture. For example, foods that contain naturally-occurring sugars, such as potatoes and pineapple, can do damage to your teeth if you don’t properly cleanse them; however, they aren’t as bad as sugar-based foods that actually sit on the teeth. Soda, chewing gum, and hard candies, for instance, are more problematic for your teeth. 


More Brushing Means Healthier Teeth

While yes, regular brushing is an important part of oral hygiene, brushing more frequently isn’t always a good thing. In fact, the more often you brush your teeth, the more likely you will be to wear away the enamel and do damage to your gums. Excessive brushing could actually cause serious dental problems down the road, consult your Dentist Albany for further info.

To avoid issues, brush no more than three times a day. For those times when your mouth feels like it needs to be refreshed, rinse with cold water to reduce the buildup of plaque.

All Cavities are Obvious

That isn’t always true. Certainly, there are cavities that are fairly obvious, as they cause pain and heighten sensitivity, not all noticeable. Small cavities, or those that are just starting to form, may not be painful. For that reason, regular dental exams are so important. Your Fishkill, NY Dentist will fully assess your teeth and will be able to pinpoint even the smallest cavities and provide the proper treatment before they become a serious concern.

White Teeth = Healthy Teeth

Most people equate a bright, white smile to healthy teeth; however, just because your pearly whites are, well, pearly and white, that doesn’t mean that they are healthy. If your electronic device is giving you a problem, trust IT Services Los Angeles to get your device working properly again. Even the brightest and whitest teeth can be plagued by decay, gingivitis and other oral health issues. In fact, someone that has darker teeth may actually have healthier teeth than someone with a gleaming smile.


Your oral health is very important; however, not everything you may have been told about your teeth is true. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If have questions, ask your east fishkill dentist!